Multiple-County Land Records
Absracts of Virginia Land Patents, by W. G. Standard, from VMIIB,
I (1893/1894), 82-93, 187-198, 310-324, 436-452; II (1894/1895),
68-80, 178-189, 306-317, 414-425; III (1895/1896), 53-66, 177-188
272-281, 393-404; IV (1896/1897), 75-85, 200-203, 313-318, 421-430;
V (1897/1898), 92-101, 211-214, 338-347, 450-459; VI (1898/1899),
91-100, 185-194, 297-300, 404-406; VII (1899/1900), 69-72, 190-195
298-298, 423-424; VIII (1900/1901), 75-76, 197-198...............................445
Early Settler in the Valley of Virginia by Charles E. Kemper
from W&MCQ, 2nd Series, V (1925), 259-265; VI (1926), 57-62;
Corrections: VIII (1928) 210......................................................................709
French & Indian War Historical Notes, by Charles E. Kemper
from W&MCQ, 2nd Series, III (1923), 36-39, 91-94..................................723
Mercer Land Book by Kate Mason Rowland
from W&MCQ, 1st Series, XIII (1905), 165-168........................................731
James City County (See also Williamsburg)
[James City County] Patents Issued During the Regal Govern-
ment, from W&MCQ, 1st series, IX (1900-1901), 11-18, 67-74
139-144; X (1901), 92-98; XI (1902/1903), 88-92, 271-276; XII
(1903/1904), 18-24, 104-110, 185-191......................................................202

Archer's Hope and the Glebe, by Charles E. Hatch, Jr
from VMHB, LXV, (1967), 467-484...........................................................262

Early Virginia Land Records

(131) Bridgett Lowther, of Pashbehays, in James City, widow, lease of 250
acres on the side of Chickahominy river, opposite the land granted to Bridges
Freeman [1], gentleman. By Harvey, March 16th, 1632.
[1] Captain Bridges Freeman was Burgess for Pashbehay 1629-30, for
Chickahominy 1632 and for James City 1647. Bridges Freeman was justice
of James City County in 1680.

(144) John Tyas, lease of 50 acres on the east side of Chickahominy River,
Adjoining the land of Bridges Freeman. By Harvey, May 30th, 1634.

302. Francis Fowler, Novr. 9, 1635. 800 acres. In the County of James
             City. On the Creek side against Juring [During} point, beg.g on the
             north side of the land granted by patt to Bridges Freeman.

[I] Francis Fowler, born 1601, was a Burgess in 1642. In 1648 there is
mention in the land grants of 200 acres in James City county, left to
Captain Bridges Freeman by Mrs. Antonia Fowler, deceased; and in 1639
is mention of 900 acres in James City county, "adjoining the land seated by
Mr. Fowler." which was left by Mrs. Antonia Fowler to Captain Henry
Browne, Esq.

(296) Bridges Freeman [1], 150 acres in the county of James City, bounded
northwest by the Chickahominy river; due: 50 acres for the personal adventure of
his wife, Bridget Freeman, and 100 for the transportation of his brother, Bennett
Freeman and a servant named Ellis Baker. Granted by West, Dec. 1st, 1635.

324. Bridges Freeman. Decr. 1, 1635. 150 acres. Bound to the northward
            of the west upon Chickahominy river, to the southward of the East
            into the woods close by a creek side.

[1] Captain Bridges Freeman was member of the House of Burgesses for
Pashbehay in March, 1629-30; for Chickahominy Sept., 1632, collector
of the revenue, for Chickahominy and Sandy Point, in 1647, and elected
to the Council

In another document (see below) it states that Bridges Freeman was granted 900 acres in this
transaction. The description stated "Piring [During] Point" and the transportation listed 18 persons
vs 16 listed below. Some names are the same on both lists - others are unique

(304) Bridges Freeman, 800 acres on the west side of Chickahominy River, formerly granted
to said Bridges Freeman and Frances Fowler, "fronting southward up the maine river," &c., to
the place "commonly called Juring [During] point;" due for the transportation of 16 persons
(names below). Grand by West 11th year year Chars. I.
   David MInter, Wm. Wilshire, Jon Burg, David Jones, Francis Aldredge, Matthew Williamson,
Katherine Leonard, Jeremiah Stone, Elizabeth Hank, Richard Saunders, Thos. Smith. (note - only
11 persons named.)

(525) Bridges Freeman, 900 acres in the county of James City, on the west side of Chickahominy
River, opposite the land formerly granted him and Francis Fowler, and adjoining the place commony
called the "Piring point"[? s/b During point] Due for the transportation of 18 persons (names below.)
Granted by Harvey, August 11, 1637.
   David Minton, Wm. Wilshire, Jon. Bridge, Dawson [?] Jones, William Nutt, Francis Aldrige, Mathew
Williamson, Catherine Leonard, Jeremy Stone, Eliza. Hart, Richard Sanders, Thomas Smith, James
Rigeson, Eliza. Hodges, Mercy Seawell, Jon. Burden, Robert Flood, William Elkton.

The following two transactions also appear to be for the same two individuals.
(305) Bridges Freeman, 100 acres on the west side of Chickahominy within the river's mouth, adjoining
the land now in the occupation of said Freeman & Francis Fowler, only a creek and a marsh parting the
same; due for the transportation of two persons; Henry Scott and Richard &c., certified to be servants
of Capt. Utye and Thomas Smyth. Granted by West, June 1st 1635.

(526) Bridges Freeman, 100 acres on Chickahominy. Due for the tranportation of Henry Scott, and
Richard Wested [?] a servant. Granted by Harvey, August 12, 1637

(241) Christopher Stoakes, 300 acres in Elizabeth City county, adjoining the
land of John Watson, and running westerly towards Pocoson Dams -- due
for the transportation of six persons (names below). By West, July 28, 1635
            Head Rights: Mill: Freeman, Saml. Watson, Richd. Shatboule, Hen:
            Hickman, Wm. Wattye, Hen: Powell.

(322). John Place, 150 acres in Elizabeth City, at the head of Hampton river.
Due: 50 for the personal adventure of his wife, Mary Place, and 100 for the
importation of two persons, Peter Beesely, and Rich'd Freeman. By West,
the last day of March, 1636.

447. Bridges Freeman & Francis Fowler, Augt. 11, 1637. 900 acres.
             Pointing South East upon the main river & extend.g north west
             along the Creek.
448. Bridges Freeman, Augt. 12, 1637. 100 acres. Upon the Easterly
            side of the Chickahominy river wthin the river mouth, next
             adjoining to the land now in the tenure and occupacon of Sd
            Freeman & Francis Fowler.

627. George Grace, Mar. 7, 1638. 1000 acres. Wthin Chickahominy river,
            adjoining the land of Bridges Freeman, & running downward towards
            the head of a creek called Pagan Creek.

597. Robert Freeman, Sept. 11, 1638. 700 acres. On Chickahominy
             river; adjoining the Land of Francis Barrett.

597. Richard Wilcox, Sept. 11, 1638. 700 acres. On Chickahominy
            river adjoining the land of Robert Freeman.

600. John Jackson & Eliza, Kingsmell, Septr. 26, 1638. 600 acres. Being
            a peece of small Islands lying Chickahominy river compased round
            wth a marsh extend.g So. So. wt. on the land of Bridges Freeman.

642. Edward Travis, Apl. 25, 1639. 300 acres. On Warriny [Wahrani] creek, adjoining
            the land of Bennet Freeman and Wm Wigg. See Book No. 2, pa. 363.

527. Bennett Freeman, May 20, 1639. 450 acres. On the Easterly side of Chicka-
            hominy, Being a neck of land opposite the land of Willm Beard.

758. Hattill Pott, Decr. 4, 1641. 700 acres. On Chickahominy river
            adjoining the land of Robert Freeman.

(3) Letter dated London, September 14, 1646, and recorded in Surry, from John White to
Captain Robert Shepard "at his house in Chipooks;" salutes him and his wife, and acknowledges
the receipt of two hogsheads of tobacco from him; also writes in regard to a debt due him, White,
by Mr. Fowler, deceased, which he hopes Captain Browne and Captain Freeman will pay...

171. Bennet Freeman, Decr. 20. 1648, 400 acres, up Thomaham [Tomahund]
            Creek being part of the dividend of Francis Fowler.

(Hening IV, 461), "John Robins, late of Robins's Neck, in the county of
Gloucester, deceased, was in his life time, seised in fee-simple, of two
thousand acres of land, with the appurtenances, lying and being in Robins's
Neck, aforesaid, between the rivers Ware and Severn, in the parishes of
Ware, and Ablington, in the county aforesaid; and of five hundred acres of
land appurtenances, lying and being in the parish of Elizabeth City, in the
county of Elizabeth City, and so being thereof seised, did make his last will
and testament in writing, bearing date the two and twentyeth day of
November, in the year of our lord one thousand six hundred and fifty-five."
ááááFrom the same authority it is known that he had issue; I. Christopher3,
eldest son, who left only two children, (I) Anne4, who married Robert
, and (2) Elizabeth4, married James Shackleford: II. William3,
second son, died without issue; III. Thomas3; IV. Daughter3; V. Daughter3.

249. Thomas Christian.Jan'y 15, 1657. 100 acres. On the North side of
            the James river, & on the East side of Chickahominy river adjoining
            land of Capt . Bridges Freeman.

470. Phillip Freeman. May 2, 1661. 1000 acres. Upon the No Side of
            Chickahominy main swamp, Beg'g at a corner beech (by the
            swamp) of Thos Meredith's land.

365. William Hitchman. Decr. 18, 1663. 1000 acres. On the northerly side
            of the head of Chickahominy river, bounded vizt. Northerly on
            Charles Freeman.

519. Philip Freeman. Mar. 10, 1673/4. 650 acres. Upon the Main swamp of
            Chickahominy river, above Westham path, and adjoining to the Land
             of Thomas Meredith.

481. John Turner. Novr 4, 1685. 134 Acres. In the piney woods, from
             Chickahominy gate along Mr Freeman's land.

107. George Freeman, Jr. Novr 13, 1713. 164 acres. Upon the west side of
            Chickahominy river, Beg.g on Pease Hill creek.

Miscellaneous Early Virginia Records

Rent Roll of all lands held in Prince George county in 1704. Prince George included
its present area in addition to Dinwiddie, Amelia, Prince Edward and Nottoway.

Jno Freeman 300 Acres
Quit Rent Rolls, Norfolk Co, VA 1704
Jno Freeman 190 Acres
Quit Rent Rolls, James City Co, VA 1704
Geo Freeman 197 acres
Quit Rent Rolls, New Kent Co, VA 1704
Wm Freeman 200 acres
Quit Rent Rolls, Ware Parish Gloucester Co, VA 1704
Robt Freeman 135 Acres
Quit Rent Rolls, Middlesex Co, VA 1704
Henry Freeman 200 Acres

Capt Wm. Henry's Company of Minute Men at Northampton Court House in VA Feb 17, 1776
Abram Freeman (Vol)
Isaac Freeman

Brunswick Co., VA - June 21, 1757, draft Edward Freeman

Recommendations & Qualifications of Military & Civil Officers in Brunswick Co., VA
Oct 28, 1778-Hamilton Freeman as first Lieutenant
August 23, 1779-Hamlin Freeman, Lieutenant

Persons who gave aid in the American Revolution
Hamlin Freeman

Illinois Regiment and the Northwestern Territory
Peter Freeman and William Freeman, Privates

York Rangers, 32nd Regiment, Hunter's Brigade , VA Volunteers
William Freeman enlisted York Co., 28 Jan 1862
Sidney Freeman enlisted York Co., 28 Jan 1862

A List of Tithes & Taxable property taken by John Jones, Junr gent the 9th day of April 1782 in
the County of Dinwiddie for District No __

Gideon Freeman Free Male Tithes 1 Negroes Under age 3 Negro Tithes 4 No. Horses 4 No Cattle 13

Wills-Goochland County Court House
Titus Freeman 1801 Book 18, Pg 155

Brunswick Co. Wills, etc.
Freeman, Walker 1766 Bk 3 pg 454

Sussex County Virginia Will Book Index
Name Probate Date Book Page
Henry Freeman Apr 14, 1755 A 23
Agness Freeman Jan 17, 1759 A 113 (Inv & Apt)
Joel Freeman Jan 19, 1759 A 114 (Inv & Apt)
Nathan Freeman Sept 19, 1760 A 179
Josiah Freeman Nov 17, 1774 C 148
Henry Freeman Dec 19, 1776 C 227
Phebe Freeman Jul 18, 1778 C 306
John Freeman Jan 17, 1788 D 478

Surry Co. Will & Deed book-1730 to 1739
John Freeman - Guardian Bond
Will of Silvanus Stokes dated Feb 25, 1758 & proved June 19, 1766. Among legatees was Phaedra Freeman and Agnes Stokes

Westmoreland County Wills
John Elliott Executor, John Freeman Apr 27, 1687 session (pg 572)

York County Virginia Will Records
Henry Freeman was overseer and witness to the will of Thomas Ray - probated 24 June 1653
Henry Freeman & Peter Starkey were overseers to the will of Doctoris Christmas 20 Dec 1654

Marriage Bonds, Amelia County, VA
Freeman, Anderson & Mildred Johnson Sept 1781
Freeman, Isham & Patty Bevill (d. of Joseph) Aug 10, 1785
Freeman, John & Betsey Mitchell July 17, 1787 Anderson Mitchell
Freeman, Mary & Thos. Cardwell Sept 11, 1787
Freeman, John & Polly Bradley Apr 1809
Freeman, Wm & Sally Belcher Oct 4, 1821

Marriage Bonds of Greensville Co., VA
Freeman, Edward, Security in marriage of Frederick Swanson and Winny Adkins 22 June 1787
Freeman, Elizabeth & John Prince, 24 Sept 1787 (in Brunswick Co - listed in Greensville Co. Marriage Bonds)
Freeman, Mary & Sterling Price 30 June 1791 Wm. Andrews consents, Wm Eaves, Security
Freeman, Peter and Sarah Jackson 25 Feb 1795 Wm Edwards, Sec
Freeman, Peter, Security in marriage of William Edwards & Sally Ferguson 6 Oct 1795 Wm Ferguson, Father consents
Freeman, Allan and Tempy Smelly, 24 Oct 1798 Rhoda Smelly, mother consents Isham Edwards, Sec
Freeman, Edward and Molly Vaughn 24 Oct 1798 Isham Edwards, Sec
Freeman, Miles and Margaret Hudson 12 March 1804 Wm Atkinson, Sec

Marriages - Hungrus Parish, Northamption County
Elizabeth Fâreman & Nicholas Hudson, Feb 16, 1660

Marriage bonds of York County
Elizabeth Freeman & William Rigden 3 Aug 1807
Freeman, Anderson & Susannah Deadman 4 Feb 1808

Marriage Bonds of Norfolk Co., VA
Frances Freeman & John McCarrel 13 Apr 1769
Mary Freeman, Spinster & Thomas Burke 10 Mar 1770
Mary Freeman, Spinster & Henry Watkins 22 Feb 1785, Security Thomas Hunt
Patience Freeman (orphan of Samuel Freeman) & Hillary Etheridge Mar 12, 1792
Sarah Freeman & James Spring Mar 28, 1798
Patsey Freeman & Simon W. Slack June 3, 1810
Peggy Freeman & Jesse Eastwood Dec 9, 1815

Marriage bonds of Caroline County
Jas. W. Freeman & Ann Long - 11 Nov 1835 Security Samuel Turner
Jas. W. Freeman security for John Golsby & Eliza Smith Dec 22, 1836
John Randolph Morris Freeman & Ellen Langston (d of Jack Freeman) Aug 2, 1838 - Security, Jack Freeman

Marriage bonds of York County
Jno. Freeman to Martha Watkins Feb 7, 1823 by Rev. Waddill Johnson

Marriage bonds of Sussex County
Joel Freeman & Patty Richardson (d of William Richardson) 24 Jun 1757 Security Wm. Richardson

Marriage bonds of Halifax County
John Freeman & Anne Williams Feb 7, 1760

Miscellaneous Marriage bonds
John D. Freeman of Washington City to Miss Eleanor Ann Semmes of Charles City, MD 30 Aug 1823
At Burlington, Joel Clapp of Shelburn to Miss Lucy Lowry (d of Herman) by Rev Silas C. Freeman of Amhurst Co., 3 Apr 1824

Marriage bonds of Cumberland County Virginia
Joseph Freeman & Sarah Harris (App by Guard, S. Harris, 24 Nov 1750)
Samuel Freeman & Moses Watkins posted bond for Moses Watkins & Mary Stinson 9 Aug 1793

Marriage bonds of Charles City County Virginia
Robert Freeman & Ann Hunnicut 2 June 1824

Marriages recorded in back of Deed book No 17, Orange Co., VA
Sally Freeman & Walter Jones - 1801 Minister Isham Bingham